How To Be The Ideal Man

How To Be The Ideal Man For Your Ideal Woman

There’s a huge impression, largely promoted by James Dean and assorted rock bands, that women like their men mysterious, dangerous, and frankly, a bit of a jerk.

There are a few women who have serious self-esteem issues that like it when their men make them miserable. But think about it: would you want to date a woman with serious self-esteem issues to begin with? Well, good luck to you if you do!

So, if you’d like to learn how to be the ideal man for your ideal woman, read on…

How To Be The Ideal Man

Women who like themselves, who know what they want and believe they deserve it, who aren’t afraid of being honest and won’t trap you in endless mind games of loving it when you leave and leaving you when you don’t – well, they aren’t after Mr Dangerous. They’ve outgrown that fixation with riding off into a sunset on a motorcycle, and they don’t think tattoos are a major turn on. Nor do they oakley outlet find it particularly attractive for a man to “defy authority” by dropping out of school to play the drums in his father’s garage.

No, real women want stable, decent, sweet guys who make them laugh but still have enough sense to take life a little seriously. These guys have good jobs, go to work each morning, act responsibly, and won’t call them in the middle of the night to ask them to bail them out of jail. Nor will they pull a crazy stunt to get their attention, or write really bad poetry about how the world doesn’t understand them. They’ll write bad poetry, sure, but it’s probably about how beautiful the woman looks under the moonlight.

And it’s not because women are money-grabbing gold diggers who want a rich, stable man to support their shopping sprees. Nor do they interpret your job by how big your paycheck is and whether or not they’ll be able to quit their own careers and spend the rest of their lives organizing charities and fundraisers.

They see these qualities as a sign of maturity. You may not be earning that much, but at least you have a sense of responsibility. And you may not be the biggest honcho in your company, but at least you’re not – roll of eyes – playing drums in your dad’s garage.

And nice guys aren’t just those that have good jobs. Nice guys are polite, well mannered, and won’t pepper conversations with words and phrases like “chick” and “love machine”. They respect a woman, which includes not making her feel like a porn star, or treating her like she’s another number on your rather sleazy little black book.

In the olden days, they called this kind of guy “a gentleman”. And somehow, being a gentlemen went out of style – or at least, men thought they went out of style, but what’s actually happened is that they became a precious commodity.

It’s so rare to find a nice, sweet, genuinely fun and well-mannered man that Hollywood has another name for – Superman. You think women like him because he wears a tight suit? Perhaps, but they’re equally in love with his bespectacled persona, Clark Kent!

Remember that the next time you feel your “jerk” gene acting up! ;-)

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