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How To Seduce Women Into Seducing You

Seduction is an extremely subtle art form. And it takes a heck of a lot more than some fashion tips, some fancy cologne and some cheesy chat-up lines to attract a woman.

Here at Think Seduction, we know that one of the key elements in successfully seducing women is understanding how their inner minds work. That way, you will know which of your actions will best elicit a favourable response. The following is a prime example…

The moment a woman is able to ascertain that you are into her, that’s it. The game is over. You are nothing more than one of the herd. You are common, cheap jerseys and therefore undesirable. It doesn’t take a psychologist to understand Restaurant that humans desire things that they cannot have. From casual yet intent observation it may be said that this rings true more for women than with men.

Ever wondered why women seem to be so drawn to guys who are already taken or even married? Yup, you got it. In a woman’s mind, unbeknown even to her, she wants that which she cannot get. It’s a subconscious desire, one that very few women know about themselves and one that even fewer guys understand.

The moment you come to know and accept the fact that projecting an aura of being unobtainable triggers a primordial desire in women, you put yourself in a position of power over them. But how do you make this piece of information work for you?

Well, allow me to explain how to seduce women into seducing you…

Let’s say you’ve managed to strike an easy going conversation with some hot girl at a party. You know you want to take her home and bang her silly. However you can’t allow your desire to be immediately obvious. Don’t hang on her every word. Don’t shower her with compliments. One or two is fine just to let her know that you noticed, but hey, you definitely shouldn’t spend too long staring at her rack!

In fact, you should be so Cheap NFL Jerseys brazen as to look at other women and at least once in your conversation, preferably when she’s in the middle of telling you something, politely excuse yourself and leave her for a few minutes. Say that you need to go to the toilet or have to Microsoft say bye to somebody. When you get back to her, give her a quick sorry and ask her to continue what she was saying.

Maintain this form of interaction for about half an hour. The key here is to create a balance between getting close to cheap oakleys outlet her and maintaining a veneer of sexual detachment. Make her feel that she can’t just snap her fingers and get you into bed for the night…

…even if there’s nothing more in the world you’d rather do!

By keeping your desire under wraps, you will make her desire you more. Now that you’ve established yourself in her mind as Hikayeler “the friendly chap with a nice smile who doesn’t seem to notice that I’m hot” you have her under your spell. She’ll be bewildered that in spite of the fact you two seem to be clicking, you don’t seem attracted to her…

…and this will compel her to try even harder to get your attention.

You’ve turned yourself into an “unattainable” so now the woman, acting on instinct, will cheating, do her best to get you. You’ve effectively turned yourself into a lady magnet.

Isn’t that the way you’d like it? When the woman is intent on seducing you wholesale jerseys – completely unaware of the fact that you’ve actually already succeeded in seducing her?

Of course it is.

And I’m here wholesale jerseys to tell you that it’s cheap oakley sunglasses easy when you know how…

Your friend,

Paul Graham

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