Seduction Expert

The Essential Traits Of A Seduction Expert

Becoming a seduction expert isn’t all about smooth lines and proper technique. hockey jerseys If you really want to improve your game, you’ll need to change some existing attitudes that may be preventing you from becoming the pick-up artist you want to be.

I believe that the most important trait for any seduction expert is oakleys outlet confidence. Without it any advice I give you will be utterly useless, as you’ll probably Injury lack the cojones to actually put it into action. Confidence is tricky though. And oddly enough, I will have to ask you to not even think of being confident when you’re in the middle of an attempted pick-up as that will throwback nba jerseys only make you more nervous. Confidence is developed, not willed.

So let’s say you see a hottie. Instead of backing away thinking she’s too pretty for you, think that you’d be doing her a disservice by preventing her from meeting you.

Everyone, yes, including regular chumps like us, have something to offer ;-)

So go ahead and make a move. If she says no, it only means that you probably need to refine your technique. The victory you score of course, is that you actually tried to talk to a girl you normally wouldn’t have had the guts to even approach.

This, my dear reader, is what develops confidence. The more cheap jerseys China you do it, the more your confidence NBA Jerseys Cheap will grow. Like with most things, practice makes perfect. So go ahead and try talking to as many women as you can, no matter where you are. Start with a sincere smile and just greet random Seduce women with a simple hello. Do this enough and eventually you’ll be confident enough to walk up to any woman at a bar and make your play.

Another important trait you will need is persistence. No, that doesn’t mean you set your eyes on one woman and spend the rest of the night trying to get an in with her. On the contrary, the persistence I speak of entails you to target as many women as possible.

Remember, no woman is too beautiful to approach!

Actually, start off with the hottest woman you can find, because playing the percentages is never a bad idea. The more women you try to seduce, the higher the chances that one of them will say yes. If you’re really lucky then you might even get more than one. And I can personally guarantee you that this is always a lot of fun!

Finally, if you want to be a seduction expert, you need to be sensitive. For the love of all things sacred I Mobile don’t mean the whiny, Cosmo prescribed, pussy whipped, emo kind of sensitive. You need to be sensitive in terms of reading her response to you…

Are you Cheap Oakleys Warning! making her feel relaxed or does she flinch when you try to touch her hand?

Does she laugh at your jokes or does she merely give you a noncommittal chuckle?

The thing about it is this… if you fail to notice these things then you won’t be able to modify your approach accordingly. Learning how to listen and making her see that you actually listen is a key skill in any seduction expert’s handbook.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Next week we’ll Где be discussing the basic flow of the pick up, starting from the scope out, the approach, the seduction and the close.

I hope you guys have a great week!

Your friend,

Paul Graham

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